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By Neecey

If you've got some old denim lying around or some clothes looking a bit worse for wear, or just looking for some fun crafts, check out these cool ways to customize denim. I don't know if you've noticed, but there are a number of stores on Etsy selling custom denim garments but some of the prices are a bit offputting. If you're a dab hand with a sewing machine, needle and thread or are willing to have a go, or want to have some fun with paints, dyes and colors, these ways to customize denim will put some ideas in your head.

1 Custom Jeans

Custom Jeans Via Items similar to Custom jeans(Jesus,christian,fish,cross,scripture,bible ...

There's obviously some artistic talent on display here but painting is one of the great ways to customize denim. You don't have to be picasso produce a colorful, abstract pattern and don't forget, there are stencils you can consider using too. Find your inner Frida Kahlo or Jackson Pollack.

2 Customized Denim Shorts

Customized Denim Shorts Via necessaryclothing.com%2Fsequin-denim-shorts-light-blue-l.html%3F_store%3Ddefault%26via%3DHardPin%26u%3Dtype256

Even just customizing one leg makes these more eyecatching than plain cut offs.

3 Boho Skirt

Boho Skirt Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Just cut the legs off a pair of jeans and sew on lots of handkerchief points in various fabrics for a dramatic effect.

4 Custom Denim Vest

Custom Denim Vest Via Crímenes de la Moda | ...

Lots of pretty ribbons transforms a plain denim vest.

5 Custom Denim Skirt

Custom Denim Skirt Via apostolicclothing.com

This is actually from Apostolic Clothing but it shows what can be achieved with a contrast panel and a ruffle hem.

6 Minnie Mouse Ribbon Skirt

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Skirt Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Pay $34 or be inspired to copy the design and make your own.

7 Cut-out Denim Shirt

Cut-out Denim Shirt Via Diced Denim Shirts : 'a ...

Just some strategically placed cut outs make a difference. Skilled seamstresses might consider filing the spaces with contrasting materials or colored fine mesh.

8 Upcycled Hippie Patchwork Skirt

Upcycled Hippie Patchwork Skirt Via Items similar to Custom Made ...

Get your boho on by recycling lots of your old clothes into a patchwork skirt. Make it your own with your signature colors or specially picked edging.

9 Custom Chambray or Denim Shirt

Custom Chambray or Denim Shirt Via Trash To Couture

American? Shout it proud!

10 Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt Via lovemyjeanskirt.com

This is from lovemyskirt.com but it provides great inspiration for your own project.

11 Boho Gypsy Skirt

Boho Gypsy Skirt Via Items similar to Custom Upcycled ...

Skirts made from jeans don't have to be complicated as this example shows.

12 Diamond Patchwork Long Denim Skirt

Diamond Patchwork Long Denim Skirt Via Modest Skirts - Women's Custom ...

Copy this with bits of denim from any old clothes you no longer want/need/wear.

13 Recycled Denim Skirt

Recycled Denim Skirt Via Custom Listing for Gypsy - ...

This shows that you can use the legs of jeans to create the gores of a skirt.

14 Long Denim Skirt

Long Denim Skirt Via Girls long denim skirt, Fun ...

Slot a brightly colored panel into a pair of unpicked jeans and add a statement motif.

15 Ruffle Back Denim Skirt

Ruffle Back Denim Skirt Via CUSTOM Ruffle Back Eco Denim ...

This costs $96 on Etsy but why not try to make it yourself?

16 Upcycled Jean Skirt

Upcycled Jean Skirt Via CUSTOM ORDER for VERONICA Vintage ...

Add some lace for a feminine touch.

17 Patchwork Long Denim Mermaid Skirt

Patchwork Long Denim Mermaid Skirt Via Custom Patchwork LONG DENIM MERMAID, ...

Another variation on how to use patches of denim to great effect.

18 Distressed Denim Shorts

Distressed Denim Shorts Via a fashion fixation

This example shows how to customize denim with different techniques on each leg.

19 Denim Pocket

Denim Pocket Via Get SEQUINED (28 photos)

Sometimes, a little says a lot. Just dress up a pocket!

20 Jeans,Jeans and More Jeans

Jeans,Jeans and More Jeans Via How To Customize Jeans Just ...

This is a fabulous resource that gives you tons of ways to customize the fit of your jeans.

21 Broderie Shorts #1

Broderie Shorts #1 Via DIY Projects

What a difference a little insert of broderie anglais can make.

22 Broderie Shorts #2

Broderie Shorts #2 Via DIY – Cute Jeans Shorts

This time, the legs are trimmed with broderie anglaise rather than it just being a small insert.

23 Words Jeans!

Words Jeans! Via Items similar to Custom JEANS ...

If the artistic creation of #1 was out of your league, why not just go for words instead? Subject - whatever you like!

24 Jean Shorts

Jean Shorts Via Vintage HIGH waisted Festival Levi ...

If you need some inspiration on how to customize denim shorts, here's where to go!

25 Customize Jeans

Customize Jeans Via DIY Jeans!

How to do your own bleach job.

26 Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Via Items similar to June's Jacket ...
Yes there is a denim jacket in there somewhere! Boring? not!

I hope you're inspired by these tutorials or suggestions/examples of ways to customize denim and give something a try. What do you do with your old denim items? Customize or throw away?

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