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7 Cool Tutorials about Wearing Hats ...

By Jelena

How to wear hats, look cool, trendy or just different than all of those who simply can’t work a hat? Easily, I tell you! And you’d be surprised to know how many hairstyles for a hat and ideas on how to wear a hat can be found around the World Wide Web! Take my word for it! Or… on the second thought… don’t! Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself! Take a look at these videos and don’t do what I did… don’t let your hats collect dust in the closet! Use them to help you look great every day...

1 5 Different Hairstyles for a Hat

Wanna rock a Fedora hat? Well, you’re still not late and there are tons of different ways to look super-trendy and avoid a squished or no-hairstyle look should you decide to take it off at some point! Perfect for long to medium-length hair and absolutely fantastic for times when you want to look casual but maybe not too casual.

2 A Few Interesting Hairstyles for a Bean Hat

Ah, well here’s a great video on to how to wear hats this winter and rock a laid back and relaxed look seen on many celebrities! Great isn’t it? This type of hat is just amazing for winter and it allows you to keep your hair nicely styled even if it isn’t squeaky clean! How much better can it get!

3 Great Tutorial for Wearing Various Hats

I’ve always admired girls who are able to wear various types of hats like it’s the most natural thing in the world! Just imagine that – all those fantastic hats and hairstyles for a hat and so many different, super-easy to do ways to mix and match them in order to create a truly amazing look! And if you’ve ever wondered how to wear a hat, this cool tutorial will definitely provide at least a few good ideas!

4 Winter Protective Style for a Hat

Totally sweet not to mention great for your hair – this tutorial right here promises to help you learn how to wear hats with your protective styles! How cool is that! The little pouf in front gives this style a very sexy, kind of a vintage note while the knits in the back balance the look, making it great for everyday wear! Wear with a pair of earrings “to die for” and enjoy knowing that you’re looking fabulous and your hair doesn’t have to pay for it!

5 Graduation Hairstyle Ideas

More of a collection of good ideas than an actual tutorial, I know, but definitely something you’ll want to check out in case you’re worried about what your hair is going to look like once you take your graduation hat off. Who knew a glam chignon could turn out to be such a great hairstyle for a hat, huh! See? Told you it’s totally worth checking out!

6 2 Cool Hairstyles for Long Hair and a Hat

Quick, easy, great for long hair and super-trendy – wish I saw this before, while it was still a good time for some cool ideas on how to wear hats in summer! There might still be time to use them, though! Or keep them for next summer, perhaps?

7 A Few Cute Ideas

Braid it or leave it loose, wear it in summer or use it to complete your winter look – in case you love hats but are not 100% sure about what to do with your hair, this tutorial is a must-see! A few nice hats and a few hairstyles for a hat are all you’ll need to update your look!

Feel like sharing some of your own ideas on how to wear hats, too? Let’s hear them! What is your favorite hairstyle for a hat and which types of hats are your favorite ones?

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