7 Brilliant Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil ...


You may think it’s one of the best natural skin/body/hair products around and it is, but there some other ways to use tea tree oil other than just helping you to look fabulous. This essential oil is a magical little liquid. Want to know some ways to use tea tree oil? Read on!

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Toothbrush Hygiene

It’s easy to forget your toothbrush needs some TLC. I hate thinking about all the bacteria happily growing on my toothbrush because it’s damp and warm. Bacterium makes me shudder but that’s not the only problem, there’s also mould multiplying at a fast rate. I was told one of the ways to use tea tree oil is keep my toothbrush in tip top condition with just one drop on the bristles.


Bathroom Bling

Scrubbing hard water marks and soap scum is a tiring job but quite unnecessary. Why? Because one of the uses for tea tree oil is to clean bathroom surfaces. Make a solution of tea tree oil and baking soda or salt and use it on the tub, shower, sink, counters and tiles. Copy me and you’ll get rid of the dirt, bacteria and fungus. Like mine, your bathroom will be a much more hygienic and sparkling space to splash in.


Pest Eliminator

I especially love natural fabrics like cotton, silk and wool whether for clothing, bedding or table linen and this means my cupboards and drawers are a magnet for pesky moths. I found a tip that has worked for me – have never found any moth holes since! All you do is place cotton wool balls soaked in tea tree oil inside cupboards and drawers. Plus – bonus tip coming! It’s not only moths that hate tea tree oil but all insects. They detest the smell so much they’ll avoid any areas smelling of the oil. I wipe a little oil or spray some solution onto entry areas and for example, where I see ants. Instead of killing insects use natural tea tree oil to keep them away.


General Cleaner

Thanks to the many ways to use tea tree oil my cupboard isn’t filled with different chemical cleaners. Not only is it convenient but it’s also a money saver to have one cleaner for everything and that cleaner is a solution of water and tea tree oil. I found this solution lifts and cleans dirty marks and can be safely used to clean materials like stone, wood, ceramic, linoleum, ceramic etc. You can rub tea tree oil into wooden furniture (including patio furniture) to keep insects away. Just don’t use it on wood in the kitchen because the oil should never be consumed.


Gym Gear Freshener

Is there anything worse than smelly gym (or sports) gear? I knew your answer before you gave it, a big no! It’s not just the bad smell that’s gross but also the germs. Get a tea tree solution and rinse your gym clothes after a workout session and use the same tea tree solution to wipe down your locker room area and equipment so there are no ugly stains and unhealthy bacteria.


Laundry Love

Want your laundry to always smell fresh and clean – especially if you have to dry indoors? Once again, it’s tea tree oil that comes to the rescue. After adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil to my wash cycle all the nasty microorganisms that can cause a musty odor are gone. My laundry smells as fresh as the outdoors.


Mold Remedy

Mold looks ugly and it’s unhealthy and some people are allergic to it but you can treat it. One of the best uses for tea tree oil is to clear icky mold. Make a spray solution of 1 cup of water & 1 drop of tea tree oil. Spray it straight onto moldy sections, leave to seep and then wipe mould away.

Those are the uses for tea tree oil I know. Who has some more? Please share!

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I use tea tree oil now as a moisturizer for my face but I will DEFINITELY be trying some of these organic remedies for cleaning. Thanks!

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