9 Uses of Toothpaste Other than for Scrubbing Your Pearly Whites ...


I love to find alternative functions for everyday items, and I’m going to share with you some uses for toothpaste you may not know of. One of the simply great things about toothpaste being so useful is that there isn’t a home without toothpaste and it’s cheap. Let’s round up some great uses for toothpaste and see how many you know.

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Water Fun

Love swimming? Use swimming goggles? One of the uses for toothpaste is to gently rub a small dab of paste over each goggle lens and then rinse with water. This tip is very handy because it keeps goggles from misting over and ensures good visibility. .


Nail Power

The more I hear, the more ways to use toothpaste began to make my life a lot easier. I never would’ve thought toothpaste is good for my nails. After sticking to a daily ritual of applying a bit of toothpaste on a brush before scrubbing my nails, they’re already noticeably stronger and shinier.


Stains Go

If you have a carpet stain, use a firm bristle brush and toothpaste (not whitening toothpaste) to scrub the stain and then straight away, rinse with clean water. For a clothing stain, use your finger to rub toothpaste into the mark until it fades and then wash according to label instructions.


Neat Hair

Personally, I’ve embraced the messy hair look (because it’s so easy), but there are times when I want a sleeker, neater look and I turn to uses for toothpaste. I was a doubter until I was told toothpaste has similar ingredients to hair gel, i.e. water-soluble polymers. This is what keeps hair firm when styled and it’s been a lifesaver when I've run out of hair gel.


Jewelry Sheen

I don’t need an excuse to pile on the bling, but keeping it shiny is a bind. Not when you get going with the toothpaste, though! Rub your jewelry with the paste, leave it overnight and then wipe with a soft rag. Toothpaste can also be used to clean gems like diamonds if thoroughly rinsed with water but DO NOT use it on pearls.


Ironing Ease

Even if you use distilled water in your steam iron, you can get crust around the steam holes. Toothpaste contains silica, so rubbing the iron with it will wear down the crust so your iron will glide smoothly over your fabrics again.


Anti-Bugs & Pro-Skin

A tiny bit of toothpaste on an insect sting or bite will relieve painful and irritating symptoms. It's a great fix during the summer season when mosquitoes come on thick.


No More Burn

My ways to use toothpaste don’t stop with bugs, because I also leave it on overnight to dry blisters and sores for quick healing. Toothpaste has even become one of my ‘kitchen aids’ used to treat burns. As long as I put it on immediately, it takes away the sting and dries the burn before a blister forms.



I don’t get house proud about many things, but I do get annoyed with people who don’t use coasters and leave behind watermarks. Now I know one of the ways to use toothpaste is to rub it into the mark with a dry rag, then wipe with a damp rag and wait for it to dry before using wood polish. It’s important to only apply non-gel toothpaste.

How many of the uses for toothpaste did you already know? What others do you have to share?

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put a bit over pimples over night and they'll be gone by morning

how about brushing your teeth. lol

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