Be Summer-Ready with a Crafty Straw Bag Makeover


Straw bags are the perfect summer accessories. They're roomy and beautifully tropical. We don't recommend buying a new one for the season, though. Take out your old straw bag and give it a fun makeover. The following straw bag DIYs should give you fun ideas.

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Do the Ombre Look

Do the Ombre Look The ombre look is alive and well and you can use it for your fun straw bag makeover. This project will require paints and a paint brush only. You can paint your bag with the gradated colors next to each other or you can let strips of the straw bag show between the painted parts.



Make It Preppy

Make It Preppy Argyle pattern in pastel colors? Yes, please! This straw bag makeover is a lot of fun. Make sure that you cut a nice diamond template first before painting. Once the paint dries, stitch overlapping diamond patterns with the help of embroidery thread.



Paint a Flamingo

Paint a Flamingo Channel good, old Florida with a fun flamingo straw bag DIY. This fun project requires freezer paper, fabric paint, foam brush, and an iron. A flamingo template is provided by the crafter but you can also draw your own. You can even add other tropical details to your stenciled straw bag. Great examples are a beach chair or some waves.



Go Glittery

Go Glittery How pretty! This type of straw bag isn't your typical roomy beach tote. It will look great for a nice dinner in that exclusive beachfront restaurant, though. To make something similar, you will need only bias tape, sequin trim, fabric glue, and a pair of scissors.



Replace the Handles

Replace the Handles That is one pretty straw bag makeover. The original piece had the standard faux leather straps. They were replaced with stretchy strips of fabric secured with bow-like fabric sections. Lovely, right? I like the use of pink and neutral brown-gray here. They complement the color of the straw bag beautifully.



Add Waves of Sequins

Add Waves of Sequins If the previous sequin idea is too loud for you, this straw bag idea might be right up your alley. As you can see, this makeover was accomplished using only a thin strip of sequin trim. It was sewn to the straw bag following a fun wave-like pattern. It's the perfect way to add a dash of sparkly style to your beach bag without being too glittery.



Hang Pom-poms

Hang Pom-poms This is a straw bag makeover that will not require a long-term commitment. This is because you will not be sewing or attaching the pom-poms to your bag permanently. You will simply hang or tie them to the handles, like bag accessories. Fun, right?



Paint and Add Pom-poms

Paint and Add Pom-poms Unlike the previous DIY, this one showcases more permanent pom-poms. They are sewn or glued to the bag, along the edges of the painted stripes. If you want to make something similar, you will need paint (white or any color that complements your pom-poms), masking tape, glue, scissors, and the pom-pom trim.



Stamp 'em

Stamp 'em I love all sorts of stamping projects so this straw bag DIY idea is my favorite. Besides, who can possibly resist those cute polka dots? If you want to give your straw bag a similar treatment, you will need fabric paint and different shapes for stamping. For the dots, the eraser end of a pencil could work.


We imagine that you're now looking at your plain straw bag with crafty intent. We don't blame you; the ideas above are loads of fun. For those who don't have straw bags, you can get some at Target for about $3 each. Happy shopping and crafting!

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