Strut Your Style This Summer with These Adorable DIY Hats


Planning to hit several beaches or pool houses this summer? Don't forget to bring a trusty sun hat with you. If you have time, you will want to check out the following DIY summer hats. Most of these sun hat craft projects are simple makeover ideas. We also have one that will require the use of a sewing machine. Hope you like them and use them to protect your beautiful skin from the sun!

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Go Polka

Go Polka Isn't this DIY summer hat all sorts of gorgeous? This is one of the summer craft projects here that is super easy to do. Basically, you will be needing only a straw hat, some craft paint, and a round foam puncher. Choose a craft paint color that screams summer. This mint is a great example.



Embellish with Leather and Cord

Embellish with Leather and Cord If you don't feel like playing with paint, this DIY sun hat project is for you. Just like the previous idea, this one is a simple makeover project. You simply get a plain straw hat from the store, add a cord around the inner brim and loop some leather around a section of the cord. Easy-peasy! I think this will look quite gorgeous if you choose nautical colors (i.e. blue cord and red leather).



Mod Podge Floral Fabric

Mod Podge Floral Fabric How pretty! I am loving the shabby chic cowboy style of this DIY summer hat. If you're itching to do something similar, you will be needing fabric Mod Podge, floral patterns from a fabric, and a straw hat. You can also make use of rhinestones and glitter Mod Podge for that extra sparkly touch. Take note, when gluing the fabric to curved parts of your hat, you will want to make a slit or darts for a smoother finish.



Add Pom-poms to the Brim

Add Pom-poms to the Brim How fun is this DIY summer hat? This looks incredibly easy to do as well. Basically, you will only be gluing about half a yard of pom-pom fringe to the brim of a floppy hat. You let the glue dry and enjoy your “new” sun hat. For this project, you will be needing the help of E600 glue. You can also opt to sew the pom-pom fringe to your hat using embroidery thread.



Paint a Donut

Paint a Donut This is the cutest! This is possibly my favorite among these DIY summer hat ideas. Just like most of the craft projects we have mentioned here, this particular sun hat craft will need only paint and a store-bought straw hat. Choose paint colors in fun donut and sprinkle hues. For the brim of the hat, a nice shade of pink will be great. Paint short strips all over to mimic sweet donut sprinkles.



Dip Dye for an Ombre Look

Dip Dye for an Ombre Look Dip dyeing is one of the easiest ways to make your own fun and unique summer hat. For this project, you will need to get a floppy hat in a light color. White or natural straw would work perfectly. You can dip dye your hat in two methods: the darkest section can be the top part or the edge of the brim.



Protect the Little One from the Sun

Protect the Little One from the Sun This is adorable! We end this list of DIY summer hats with a pattern perfect for protecting your precious kiddos from the heat. If you happent o have lots of cute fabrics, this is the perfect project for you. Won't this be lovely in floral? You can even make several in different designs, ranging from plain to colorful.


Which of these DIY hats will be gracing your head this summer? Are you partial to the donut and polka dot ones, too? They're the cutest!

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