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7 Alternate Uses for Moisturizer to Get the Most from Your Money ...

By Kati

Does anyone else have shelves full of moisturizers? I seem to have an endless amount of body lotions and moisturizers – some I bought, some free gifts, some friends and family bought…there are loads! And of course, I have my favourites, so some just never get used. That’s why I started seeing what else I could use them for. Check out these great uses for excess lotion – I bet you didn’t know moisturizer could do this!

1 Static Shock

Do you suffer from static shock? You know, when your clothes or hair get staticky, and they give you a shock, or cause you to shock everyone else around you? Turns out there is an easy solution for this, and it doesn’t involve running around trying to find a way to earth yourself. Just get a blob of moisturizer in your hands, rub in and rub down your clothes. Static free, in no time at all.

2 Make a Face Mask

Did you know that a lot of pre-made face masks actually dehydrate the skin? While they are usually packed with feel-good ingredients, they can be quite dry on the skin, and usually strip the face of oils. Give your face a hydrating treat by grabbing a moisturizer, and layering it up on your face. It needs to be thick! Once you’ve added several layers, wait 15 minutes, and remove with a damp washcloth. Apply a regular amount of face cream, and you’re good to go!

3 Calm That Frizz

I don’t know about you, but those fly away hairs that seem to appear at random moments drive me mad. Sure, you can tame them with hairspray, but it usually leaves your hair hard or sticky, and it can be a pain. Instead, grab a small blob of lotion and rub into your hands, then smooth down your hair. I’ve been doing this ALL THE TIME.

4 Exfoliate

Fancy making your own unique exfoliator? Grab some brown sugar or coffee grounds and a bowl of moisturizer, and mix together. Apply, and gently rub in. Then wash off, and apply a face cream or a regular amount of moisturizer. It’s a great way to keep your face looking healthy, without using harsh body scrubs on your delicate face skin.

5 Keep Your Nails in Check

Cuticle oil is expensive, and I always forget to add it to my shopping list. My new solution? Using moisturizer instead. Apply a little lotion and gently push your cuticles back, as you would with the oil. You’ll get the same results, but without spending any money – and your hands will smell gorgeous, too.

6 Shave with It

Yep, moisturizer can even be used as a fancy shaving cream. Apply, and shave. It’s a brilliant way to make dry shaving work, too – just make sure that you have used LOADS of moisturizer, because if your legs get too dry, they will be painful and unbearably itchy. Trust me, I’ve been there. Wet or dry, though, lotion makes a great shave!

7 Unstick Stuff

From stuck wedding rings to jam jars and earrings, I’ve used lotion to unstick every stuck thing that I’ve found recently. Seriously. Just smooth it on, and slide the thing off. Not only is it an effective anti-glue, but it smells good and it’s much more likely to be on hand, too.

Have you ever found a great use for moisturizer, other than keeping your body hydrated and your skin looking great? I’d love to know!

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