7 Alternate Uses for Moisturizer to Get the Most from Your Money ...


Does anyone else have shelves full of moisturizers? I seem to have an endless amount of body lotions and moisturizers – some I bought, some free gifts, some friends and family bought…there are loads! And of course, I have my favourites, so some just never get used. That’s why I started seeing what else I could use them for. Check out these great uses for excess lotion – I bet you didn’t know moisturizer could do this!

1. Static Shock

Do you suffer from static shock? You know, when your clothes or hair get staticky, and they give you a shock, or cause you to shock everyone else around you? Turns out there is an easy solution for this, and it doesn’t involve running around trying to find a way to earth yourself. Just get a blob of moisturizer in your hands, rub in and rub down your clothes. Static free, in no time at all.

Make a Face Mask
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