Unique Ways to Use Panty Hose for Girls Who Love Genius Ideas💡😏 ...


When you’ve got a pile of old stockings or tights (that’s what we call them in the UK), don’t just trash them ‘cos there’s some cool ways to use panty hose. It’s great finding ways to use things other than for their original purpose because a) it might come in handy when you don’t have something necessary for a particular job and b) it reduces household waste and landfill. So by that reasoning, these ways to use panty hose means you’re also doing a tiny bit towards helping the planet!

1. As a Breathable Jar Lid

Perhaps one of the most unique ways to use panty hose rather than throw them out is to fix it to the top of a mason jar, removing the need to poke holes into a lid. Although you might not think you ever need a breathable lid, if the kids collect bugs or you have a jar of yeast that you want to allow to ferment, you have a solution!

As Hanging Food Storage
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