36 Scrapbook Layouts That Are Going to Blow Your Mind ...


Are you a scrapbooker?

I'm a part-time novice.

I've made a couple of great scrapbooks, but they are so time consuming and expensive that I simply can't document everything in a scrapbook.

I've gotten around that by simply scrapbooking a photo box and collecting the photos inside.

Either way, these mind blowing ideas are going to totally change the way you organize your next scrapbook.

Each can be modified for various occasions and events.

Get ready to head to the scrapbook store because you are about to be inspired.

1. Fancy Background

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Via Ideas for Scrapbookers: Create a ...2

Make a single photo stand out in a wonderful way with an eye catching background like this one.

2. Having Fun

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Via 15 Romantic Scrapbook Ideas for ...

What a fun way to document your best times with family and friends.

3. My Love


Via My Love

This layout is great for your kids or your wedding.

Love it!

4. By the Beach

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Via SCRAP A LITTLE!: Mosaic Moments

You'll always be able to revisit your beach vacay with a layout like this one.

5. Make a Personalized Map


Via Cut, Craft, Create: Personalized Photo ...

Here's a scrapbook page you can add to each time you take a trip.


6. Idea for New Baby


Via Scrapbook Layouts | The Scrapbook ...

I totally wish I had done this with my kids' baby photos!

7. Flip Book


Via Scrapbooking with the Tab Punch

Cram a bunch of photos on one page by turning them into a flip book.

8. You Are My Sunshine

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Via You are my sunshine..

This is a fantastic way to scrapbook professional photos.2

I love the buttons too!

9. Old Photos

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Via Peppermint Creative BLOG | Creative ...

Gather old family photos into a sepia toned scrapbook.2

I love this!

Great Use of Paper Scraps
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