7 Motivating Study Decorating Ideas ...


Do you have a workspace of your own?

Whether you work from home, craft or just need somewhere to take care of paperwork, these study decoration tips will have you hitting the DIY stores – not only will your workspace look amazing, but you’ll be feeling more motivated, too.

Here are my top 7 study decorating ideas.

1. Easily Distracted?

If you can be distracted by just about anything (and I know how you feel!) go for a clean and contemporary study design.

Choose a sleek glass table, which is also perfect for making small spaces look bigger, and keep only your absolute essentials nearby.

A unique chair will add a chic touch and keep you feeling at home;

this is one of my favorite study decorating ideas!2

2. Splash of Color

Need to spark your imagination?

Color is often used when creating kid’s study spaces, as it really gets the brain going.

Use the same idea of your own study by picking a brightly colored desk and chair, and using bright and eye-catching wallpaper (maps are perfect!).

A big splash of color is sure to motivate you every morning!

3. Explorer Chic

Want a workspace fit for an adventurer?

Repainting walls a matte gray can easily get that explorer feel – bare with me!

– and using shiny silver to bring it to life.

Dark wooden floorboards will finish this look perfectly, and choose a metal table to keep the theme alive.

Now just add coffee-table books, globes and maps.2

4. Own Small Spaces

Not got much room?

My favorite ever study was under the stairs.

Places such as Ikea are full of small desks (white is ideal, as it makes the desk look bigger!) and storage solutions that’ll keep it smart as well as functional.2

Stand trays and box files on top of storage areas, and keep your desk free for your computer, notebook and lamp.

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