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When you have enough makeup to sink a small boat, you need good storage solutions.

There are some brilliant storage options available to buy but if you're a crafty gal or on a budget, DIY solutions are your friend.

1. Bowl Storage

Bowl Storage

Source: Bright Bedroom on a Budget

Made from dollar store wooden bowls cut in half

2. Make-up Magnet Board

Make-up Magnet Board

Source: Laura Thoughts: Make-up Magnet Board2

If you don't have an old picture frame, it's easy enough to make your own from some molding and board.

3. Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage

What a great use for Ribba picture ledges from Ikea.

4. Makeup Tool Holder

Makeup Tool Holder

All you need is a jar and marbles or glass beads (or beans or anything small and round).

5. Candle Jar Organizer

Candle Jar Organizer

Source: Lust for Lip Gloss: DIY

A clever idea for your lipstick stash

6. Cake Stand

Cake Stand

You can pick up vintage cake stands cheaply in thrift stores

7. Old Plastic Bottles

Old Plastic Bottles

Source: Pluii

I'd never have thought of this.

8. Mix and Match Glass Boxes for an Eclectic Look

Mix and Match Glass Boxes for an Eclectic Look

Source: Glass - ShopStyle

This is a chic way to store your makeup.2

9. DIY Lipstick Holder

DIY Lipstick Holder

Source: DIY Lipstick Holder

Made from old cardboard boxes.

10. Ice Trays for Singles

Ice Trays for Singles

Now you can easily see all your shades.

11. Use a Toolbox

Use a Toolbox

Source: Your Pink Box

Appropriate your dad's tool station from the garage and give it a spray paint makeover.

12. DIY Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray

DIY Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray

Source: Craft A Doodle Doo: The

Or you could just use a pretty try you find cheap at a thrift store or elsewhere.

13. Makeup Palette Organizer

Makeup Palette Organizer

Source: The {Not-So-Secret} Life of Jennifer

Made from a pot lid organizer/rack.

I'm thinking a wire dish rack could work too.2

14. Stacked Trays

Stacked Trays

Source: Shabby Sweet Cottage: Stacked Trays

The trays are stacked using wooden candlesticks.

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