How to Stick πŸ€— to Your New Year's Resolution πŸ“° of Learning Something New πŸ€“ ...

Life is a continual learning process but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance yourself by choosing to learn a specific something.

Be it a second language, a craft, or how to write computer code, learning a new skill is very beneficial.

If you’re going to learn something new, it requires commitment.

This makes it good for a New Year’s resolution.

And if you make a resolution, you need to know how to stick to it.

1. Accept That Learning for Its Own Sake is Fun

Embrace the concept of life-long learning and life will never feel dull!

Learning for the sake of learning keeps the little gray cells from stagnating and keeps your mind as bright as a button.

Even if you're learning new skills you don't seem to have an immediate use for, you'll never know how handy they might turn out to be one day - and in any event, you become a more open, interesting person in the process!

Attitude is important to sticking to New Year’s resolutions.

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