13 Fun Valentine Crafts ...


Valentine Crafts are a fun way to create Valentine decorations or gifts for those you love.

Valentine Crafts can be created from recycled materials or things you can find at your local craft store.

You can make everything from festive wreaths, romantic center pieces, or perfect Valentines for your child's classmates.2

Here are 13 fun Valentine crafts to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine Votive

Valentine Votive

Better Homes and Gardens suggest taking a small glass votive candle holder and fill partially with festive colored candy nonpareils or small glass beads.

Make a few to place on the mantel or the center of your table.2

It's simple, but absolutely gorgeous.

2. Playing Card Book

Playing Card Book

This is such a sweet DIY gift, mostly because it's an incredibly romantic exercise to come up with a list of more than 50 things you adore about someone.

3. Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

Looking for a Valentine craft to decorate your front door?

With a pack of coffee filters, a straw or Styrofoam wreath and hot glue gun you can create a beautiful wreath.

Do It Yourself Diva suggests soaking the filters in tea and red dye to get perfect Valentines colors.

After the filters have dried, fold them in half and glue the folded edge onto the wreath.

Continue gluing filters to the wreath until it is full.

4. Paint Chip Bookmarks

Paint Chip Bookmarks

If you are looking for a simple Valentine’s gift, consider making this craft project from Linda’s Nothin’ Fancy.2

Gather up a few paint chip samples from the local hardware store.

For a more colorful look choose a chip that has pink and red colors.

Purchase a heart shaped hole punch from your craft store.

Punch small hearts along the side of the paint chip.

Punch a regular hole at the top of the paint chip to tie a ribbon through.

Valentine’s Tree
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