7 Drawing Websites to Visit when You're Bored ...


Whether you're an artist or just like to doodle, there are some entertaining drawing websites out there.

The next time you're bored, check them out, because they could waste hours of your time.

Plus, they might even make you better at art!

Here are some of the best drawing websites that will keep you entertained:

1. Draw a Stickman

Drawastickman.com is about as fun as it gets. You start off by drawing a tiny person. After that, the game asks you to draw certain things in the character's hands, like a key and a balloon. Then the game animates your character to take him on an adventure. There are only two different adventures to go on, but they're equally as exciting. It's bound to keep you occupied for a while.

2. Sketch

Sketch.io allows you to draw amazing pictures. It has more functions that just a paintbrush and pen. It also has calligraphy, stamp, and spiderweb options. You can even add clipart or type in some text to add to the image. You can pretty much do anything that your mind could ever imagine.

3. Doodletoo

Doodletoo.com is a place to show off your art skills and compare them to other's artwork. It's basically a group drawing board where a bunch of people share one easel. Sometimes, you'll come across the most beautiful pictures you've ever seen. Other times, you'll just see ridiculous scribbles. It all depends on whom you're stuck in the lobby with. Just don't use this website to draw a masterpiece, because someone could easily ruin it, and you don't want to end up upset.

4. One Motion

Here's another website that allows you to create an image of your very own.

Onemotion.com starts by asking you how big you want your image to be.2

Then it lets you do whatever your heart desires.

You can pick the size, pressure, and diffusion of the paintbrush that you use.

Scatter and shake are also options.

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