7 DIY Christmas Presents for the People in Your Life ...


With Christmas coming around it means it’s time for present shopping, and the best way to keep your budget in check is with DIY Christmas presents.

Personally, I love Do It Yourself presents because they take time, love and effort which your recipient will appreciate for sure.

Plus, they are very cost efficient, which means you can give presents to more people in your life.

Here are a few ideas for DIY Christmas presents.

1. Hot Chocolate Kit

Hot Chocolate Kit

One of the DIY Christmas presents that I’m definitely going to try myself this year is a hot chocolate kit (or a tea or coffee kit).

It’s simple, cute and great for giving to co-workers, teachers or neighbours!

All it takes to make are a few individually wrapped hot chocolate pouches, a small bag of marshmallows and a few cinnamon sticks.2

If you want to get extra creative you can even put all the contents in a hand decorated canister or jar.

2. Jewellery


Many arts and crafts stores carry real gold and silver covered beads and charms if you’re thinking about going all out.

For the girlfriends in your life, handmade jewellery is a great gift.

You might be thinking “how tacky,” but handmade jewellery given to your girlfriends is a nostalgic blast from the past when only your bestest friends would get your exclusive, handmade jewellery in elementary school.

Plus, you can get charms custom made online to make your jewellery more personal.

3. Gift Basket

Gift Basket

I love gift baskets because it’s like getting several tiny presents.

Plus, gift baskets are super easy to tailor to individuals.

For example, if you have a friend who is a coffee drink, you can head to the store and put together a basket with a coffee mug, sleeve, a couple different brands or roasts of coffee and mints (to help with the coffee breath) and the entire basket won’t cost more than $20.00!

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