7 Creative Things to do with Old Books ...


Everyone has old books lying around the house, but did you know that there are so many creative things to do with old books?

Why let your books that you already read sit and collect dust, when they can be made into something new and useful?

Plus it is a great way to recycle and go green!

And finding things to do with old books really isn’t as hard as you might think!2

Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Book-Shelves


This is no regular bookshelf, this is a shelf made out of a book!2

What a fun idea!

Not only are you putting an old book to a new use, but you are also creating more space for other things like little knick-knacks or decorations.

All you need to do is hang up some shelving brackets and set the books in place.

Easy right?

This is just one of all the super easy and creative things to do with old books and there are plenty more!

2. Book Boxes

Book Boxes

This one is super easy.

A box made from a book is literally just taking a book and cutting a nice rectangle out to make the book hollow.

You could also glue the pages together if you want to make it more sturdy but there really isn’t too big of a need for that.2

I tried this a few years ago and it works great!

3. Book Headboard

Book Headboard

Having a creative headboard can draw a lot of attention in a room.

And this one will definitely do just that.2

I never thought of using old books as a headboard but this is a really great idea!

And it is pretty easy to make too.

Just get a lot of old books, lay them out on a good-sized piece of wood and nail them in place.

Not a lot of work for an awesome outcome!

Book Lamp
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