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Want to make your mom something special as a Mother's Day gift this year?

I always think a DIY project can be more meaningful than a shop bought present - even the smallest shows the sweetest gesture.

It doesn't matter if you aren't particularly crafty, there's bound to be something you can make a good job of - especially in this diverse list from Shutterfly.com.

Check out their list of creative DIY Mother's Day gifts and have some fun!

1. Decorative Wall Art

art, design, illustration,

Make for wall art your mom’s special day with a favorite family photo.

Include an inspirational quote from one of her favorite movies, books or songs.

She’ll love hanging this in her living room, her bedroom or some other special place in the house.

2. Photo Necklace

pendant, necklace, jewellery, fashion accessory, locket,

The best Mother’s Day gifts are ones with a personal touch.

Place a special photo in a necklace for a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

She’ll enjoy tucking this close to her heart every day, especially on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

3. Hallway Rug

color, art, pattern, design, textile,

Braid together colorful strands of scrap fabric for a creative Mother’s Day gift idea.

Perfect for jazzing up a sitting room or hallway entry area, this DIY rug will brighten up the room and her life!

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for showing us a perfect way to use old fabrics.

4. Garden Stone

plant, botany, rock, pebble, land plant,

Add a lovely touch to Mom’s vegetable or flower garden with a personalized garden stone.2

Include an inspirational message or quote so she thinks of you every time she sees it.

Choose from a heart- or oval-shaped garden stone to match Mom’s personal style.

5. Giant Backyard Games

art, play, pattern, design, textile,

Using 2Γ—4 boards and colored paints, create a giant block game for Mother’s Day with this handy guide from A Beautiful Mess.2

Mom will enjoy playing with you and the whole family in spring, summer and fall.

She might even host a game night with friends to enjoy this exciting twist on a long-time favorite.

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