7 Amazing Pinterest Pins That Actually Work ...


There are so many Pinterest pins that actually work, however they’re usually few and far between. We’ve all found pins that we’ve been so excited about, and then when we try them out, they are complete messes. Pinterest is great for finding awesome tips and tricks, but sometimes it’s hard to pick out the Pinterest pins that actually work from the Pinterest pins that are absolute failures.

1. The Banana and the CD

Everyone has scratched a CD or DVD at some point, but thankfully there are a lot of Pinterest pins that actually work to fix that problem! The best fix that I’ve found, though, is the banana trick. You just cut a banana in half and rub it in circles around the scratched CD or DVD. It’s almost magic how quickly it works. Gone are the days of wasted CDs and DVDs; you’ll never have to repurchase your favorites again!

The Flat Iron Holder
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