7 Alternative Uses for Nail Polish Remover ...


Did you know there are some unusual and useful ways to use nail polish other than for cleaning off your latest, greatest piece of creative nail art ready for your next masterpiece?

When you know these alternative uses for nail polish remover you’ll be inspired to pick up an extra bottle when you’re next in the store.2

1. Restore Flooring

Shoe marks and spilled food often leave marks on floors.

All you need to do to clean them is take a paper towel and splosh a bit of nail polish remover on it.

Wipe away on the floor and it’ll be clean in no time.

You can use this technique on tile, laminate and concrete floors.

However, avoid using it on wood as that may damage your flooring instead of cleaning it.

This is one of the most practical uses for nail polish remover you’d wish you’d known sooner.

2. Clean a Keyboard

You can use your nail polish remover to clean your stinky old keyboard (you know you don’t do it near often enough!) However, avoid spraying or applying the remover in large quantities as that can travel inside the keyboard and damage the circuitry.

All you need to do is use a cotton swab, apply a small quantity of nail polish remover on it and gently dab the laptop keys to make them shine like new.

3. Shine Shoes

Shoes are a vital part of any outfit and when you are wearing formal clothes with black shoes, they need to be well polished.

Nail polish remover can help you save the time and energy to polish your shoes with a shoe brush and the traditional polish.

Instead, all you have to do is saturate a paper towel with nail polish remover and wipe it on the shoe until all the scuff marks or stains have disappeared.

Give the finishing touch using a damp cloth to remove the leftover residue.

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