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Having your desk neatly organized with items that’re also enjoyable to look at can help you to be more productive. Everyone works better in an organized and pleasant environment. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on things to dress up or organize your desk. There’re a lot of things you can make with supplies you already have around your home and some creativity.

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Make a Pen Holder

You can easily make an ink pen holder out of things you already have. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on such a simple little piece for your desk. You can use an empty, clean soup or vegetable can as the base for this project. Clean it well and make sure there’re no sharp edges. You can spray paint the can or cover it with scrapbook paper and you have your own homemade pen holder.


Make a Folder Organizer

If you need a folder organizer, you can create one from cereal boxes and duct tape. Cut your boxes in the shape of an upright folder organizer and start creating your masterpiece with duct tape. Duct tape can give your folder organizer a decorative touch and add sturdiness to it. There’re so many options in the type of duct tape you can choose from now, in both prints and solids. If you can dream it, duct tape probably has it.


Make a Mini Dry Erase Board

Do you need a quick place to write notes? Make yourself a dry erase board. It’s very simple. Buy a pretty frame and place a scrapbook paper that you love under the glass. Use the glass as your white board. It works well and gives your desk a unique piece of décor.


Add a Lamp with a Custom Shade

Every desk needs a lamp. They help you see better when you’re working on something up close as well as adding a bit of warmth to your desk. They create a cozy and calming atmosphere which can make you more productive. There’re so many ways you can decorate a lamp shade. It’s best to start with a basic white lamp shade so that you have a blank canvass. You can design it with stencils or add other embellishments.


Have Custom Book Ends

Need book ends but hate to pay for them? There’s no need to! You can make your own book ends and have very little money in them. Choose two rocks that’re about the size of your fist. Clean them as well as you can and then spray paint them a favorite color.


Take Your Filing Cabinet up a Notch

Who likes a boring filing cabinet? There’s no need to settle for that when you let your filing cabinet reflect your personality and artistic nature. You can paint a file cabinet, add scrapbook or contact paper or even stencil on a design you love.


Repurpose an Old Tray

Trays of various sizes can be useful for helping you organize your desk. They can be a great way to corral items that don’t have another home. You can jazz up a tray the same way you can these other items. Adding paint or paper can change the whole look of it. Be creative; maybe you could make your own monogram or paint on a one of a kind design.

These’re 7 things you can use to be more organized and productive. What items help you to be more productive? Share your tips here!

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So helpful. Thx

Love the idea of making an eraser board with glass, just like into the movies

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love it!!

love it!!

love it!!

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