Why Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Stress Relief ...


Why Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Stress Relief ...
Why Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Stress Relief ...

Kids of all ages are getting into the coloring book scene! Learn how adult coloring books are the latest trend for stress relief in this video!

I remember having to have that "just right" color of crayon. I remember having to stay constantly within the exact lines. I am not sure of if coloring these days would reduce stress or make more stress! LOL

However, all kidding aside, adult coloring really is a new trend at reducing stress in many people, so something must be right.

You can buy adult coloring books from the dollar store with all kinds of designs, motivational sayings, religious sayings, etc along with pencils, crayons, and pens.

Maybe start an adult coloring group with your friends. Have some snacks and drinks.

I think a neat side hustle would be to color, frame it and sell the craft! A little reward for your creativity.

So, the next time you are stressed, color away!

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