2. How do I do It, the Wall Art Display?

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And now, that we are no longer stressing over where to get the prints, let’s see how to go about the actual process of designing your canvas wall gallery.

Once you choose the right space (usually, hallways, entries, accent walls in living rooms and bedrooms make the finest choice), you’ll be off to the most pleasant yet frustrating task of choosing the right images.

Just try to relax and have fun and make sure they mix together well. Some people go for a theme (summer vacay, for instance) or a color scheme (pinks or greys), but there are no rules set in stone, as long as the selection looks aesthetically pleasing to you, the person who will be looking at the display the most!

Not that the choices are made, it’s easy! You just upload your images to CanvasDiscount, using all possible discounts and sales (there’s a surprise discount below, keep reading!), and order your prints.

While they are being printed, you can cut out the shapes of your art pieces and play around with the design.

Symmetry is great, easy on the eye and works every time. However, there are multiple layout options to try if you are feeling adventures.

There are certain suggested numbers to keep in mind when arranging wall art:

⁃ 57” – the ideal height for wall art - it’s used as a standard in many galleries and museums.

⁃ 3” to 6” – is the ideal distance between pieces of art, but again, you are very free to experiment

⁃ 6” to 8” – the ideal distance between the bottom edge of art and the top edge of a piece of furniture. Exceptions do exist, however, for oversized spaces and art.

But again, it’s always best to go with your intuition and play around with the layout, creative work is supposed to be fun, right?

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