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It sits in the fridge, you pour it on your cereal and in your coffee, but have ever considered other ways to use milk? I think milk is pretty awesome and you probably do too (unless you are lactose intolerant or avoid it for ethical or religious reasons) but its awesomeness goes beyond drinking it and using it in your cooking. Here are some less conventional ways to use milk.

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Hand Cleaner

Did you know that one of the great ways to use milk is as an industrial strength hand cleaner? All you have to do it mix milk and oatmeal into a thick paste and rub it all over your hands. The paste will not only remove the dirt, it will also exfoliate your hands and leave them feeling moisturised and soft.


Soothe Sunburn

Have you ever drunk a glass of milk to cool down your mouth after a hot curry? Well milk has the same cooling effect on your skin as it does in your mouth. Buy some milk powder from the store and add just enough water to create a thick paste. You can then rub it gently onto red raw sunburn. I never would have thought that this was one of the ways to use milk.



Add a splash of vinegar to milk and soak your silver wear. With the milk mixture, you can remove tarnish and stains by simply soaking them in the solution. All you do then is give them a wash over, a quick rinse and then wipe clean ready to show off at yur next special occasion.


Remove Stains

Has a pen leaked onto your favourite shirt? If so then you’ll love this one of the ways to use milk. Soak your ink stained garment in milk overnight, or alternatively dab the stain spot with milk. You then rinse the garment out really well before you stick it on a cool wash. If you are worried about smelling like sour milk, then make sure you wash it a couple of times before you wear it.


Remove Make-up

When you have got sensitive skin you might find high street brands of makeup remover cause you to breakout. One of the alternative uses for milk is as a makeup remover. Not only does a mix of powdered milk and warm water remove your make up, it also moisturises - and we all know the importance of moisturising.


Swallow Pills

There are loads of uses for milk that are great, but this one really caught my eye. Sometimes pills can be pretty hard to swallow, especially those big long chunky ones, but milk can help to slip the pill right down. The milk coats your throat and also has the added benefit of protecting the lining of your stomach.


Shine up Patent Leather

Shoes looking a little dull? Rub the leather with a milk soaked cloth to freshen them up. If you want a really high shine, then let the milk dry off before you buff them. You can even seal scuffs and cracks in the leather to keep them looking in tip top condition.


Repair China

If you’ve got fine china with hairline cracks then listen up to this one of the alternative uses for milk. Put the china in a large heatproof pot and cover in milk. Boil the milk and then turn down the heat and simmer for around 45 minutes. The proteins can help to seal the crack by bonding the clay in the cup. You’ll have your favourite china back and practically perfect in no time.


Thaw Frozen Fish

Frozen fish doesn’t always taste the best and is usually a little dry. It also leaves behind a metallic and frozen taste and is pretty hard to cook with. Thaw your fish out in a milk bath; this will act as a natural moisturizer for the fish and will bring back the fantastic flavours.

Now you know these different uses for milk will you be putting an extra bottle in your next supermarket trolley?

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Very strange but I'm willing to try a few of these

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