9 Ways to Use Honey Other than Eating It ...


Bees produce one of the most magical foods in nature and there are plenty of ways to use honey other than eating it, although it is very delicious and healthy for you too, so please don’t give up eating it. For these ways to use honey, you don’t need any special type, but certainly leave your expensive manuka on the shelf.

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Hair Shine

Shine up your hair with this lovely, sticky substance. It’s one of the best ways to use honey because all you have to do is add a single teaspoon of it to at least a quart of hand-hot water. Mix it and then use it as a rinse after you have shampooed your hair. You don’t need to rinse afterwards because it’s sufficiently diluted.



One of the uses for honey is to fix spots, blackheads, and whiteheads. Honey offers a protective layer for your face that defends it against the dirt and grime present in the outside world. Make a paste by mixing some honey with water and then smooth it on your hands, massaging into your skin. Pat off any excess with paper towel.


Clean Cuts

Honey has antimicrobial effects. This means it doesn’t break down when exposed to parasites and bacteria. It’s why ancient tombs that used honey as tributes to the gods still have the honey inside. It can literally last forever if protected against the elements. Clean your cuts with it by lightly covering them. Scientists have already started using honey to source antimicrobial proteins for future medical products.


Relaxing in the Bath

You don’t have to waste money on expensive oils, bath salts, and bottles of bubble bath. Take three tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. When added to your bathwater, it will act as a natural moisturizer. You’ll be glowing when you step out again, and you’ll also smell sweet.


Get Rid of Anxiety

Another of the practical uses for honey is as a way to calm nerves. India has used honey to tackle nerves for centuries. Try some in naturally calming tea, such as fennel or chamomile. You don’t just have to add it to tea, either. Put some in your oatmeal or cereal at the start of the day and enjoy! If you want a recommendation, try combining the honey with lemon juice and a pinch of ginger, or a slice of fresh ginger root.


Lip Balm

For a homemade lip balm, you can use honey and mix it with olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. There are tons of variations on this. If you want some more lip balm uses for honey, search for some recipes online. You’ll find you can combine a range of essential oils too. Try experimenting and see what you can make.


Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is crippling. It leads to waking up in the middle of the night or failing to get to sleep completely. Honey has been used throughout history to defeat insomnia. Salted honey can reset the stress hormones that keep us awake and encourage our bodies to get back to sleep. A small teaspoon of salted honey will be enough to help you drift off.


Sore Throats and Coughs

Whenever we have a sore throat, it’s common for the surface of the throat to be red and irritated. Honey’s medicinal properties means you will find it in many drugstore concoctions for sore throats. Honey is effective at soothing the inflamed surface and reducing the severity of the sore throat/cough. But, there’s no need to buy honey based powders lozenges or linctuses. If you love the taste of honey, just eat a spoonful when that throat is tickly. For an extra kick of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, mix in some lemon juice and coconut oil before eating.


Get Rid of Stomach Parasites

If you’ve got a gippy tummy, one of the ways to use honey you’ll appreciate is to mix equal parts of water, vinegar, and honey to make a drink. Most backpackers know this trick. If you’re traveling and are unused to the local cuisine, this honey drink will have you feeling better in no time, and its better than paying for over the counter preparations that you probably wouldn’t know how to ask for anyway.

I have always got a couple of jars of honey in my cupboard (one set, one runny) and know I know there are more ways to use honey than just in my kitchen, I’ll be sure to buy more! What about you? Do you like honey too? Do you use it outside the kitchen?

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I know a lot of use honey in their hair masks. I thinking about using it

Honey is so amazing for acne

i actually made a honey, tumeric powder,milk and besan facial mask today and im really impressed with the outcome

Salted honey as in ?

honey is great for burns too!

Lol I bought some honey just today for my throat:)

i tried a honey mask and the result was absolutely amazing,

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