8 Ways to Update Your Denim ...


8 Ways to Update Your Denim ...
8 Ways to Update Your Denim ...

There are plenty of ways to update denim. While some denim pieces can stand the test of time, you might be tempted to update your more trend-based pieces as the seasons progress. Look to the designer collections to get an idea of the latest denim trends. If you’re feeling crafty then take a look at the following ways to update denim.

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Stud It

One of the most popular ways to update denim is to stud it. It’s a great way to add some character and edge to your denim pieces. Pyramid studs are the most popular way to go, but if you’re feeling a bit edgier then try spiked studs. Stud the pockets of your jeans or add studded embellishments along the shoulders of your denim jackets or the collars of your denim shirts.


Embellish It

Other embellishments like gemstones, pearls, and sequins can also be fun ways to update your denim. Add some gemstones onto the collars or pocket flaps of your denim shirts and jackets for a look that’s a little bit Dolce & Gabbana. Or you could take inspiration from the catwalks of Chanel and add pearl embellishments to your denim pieces.


Dye It

There are two ways you could go about dyeing your denim. One way is to keep it simple and re-dye faded jeans to restore them to their original colour and the other way is to dye it in a completely different colour. If you want to dye your jeans a different colour, try dip-dyeing for a fun summer look. As always, follow the instructions on the dye packet for best results.


Bleach It

Bleached denim can split opinions. Some people might love it while others think that it looks tacky and cheap. If you’re looking for denim inspiration, check out Isabel Marant’s bleached denim pieces for a high fashion take on the trend.


Rip It

Ripping denim is guaranteed way to update your look. It’s been a favourite of rebels for years but is also increasingly fashionable. But why spend hundreds of dollars on ‘distressed’ looking jeans when you can easily do it at home? It pays to practice on your old denim pieces so that when you make the final product, you’ll get exactly the look you’re after.


Paint It

Isabel Marant’s tribal printed jeans were a hit with fashionistas. It’s also a look that you can recreate on a budget. If you’re particularly creative, create a pattern or stencil and then transfer it onto the side of your jeans. This particular look works best on white, black or coloured denim.


Patch It

Patchy denim pants were a hit on the Spring 2013 runways of 3.1 Phillip Lim. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you could patch together your own pair. Otherwise, try adding some contrasting denim patches to a denim jacket or switching the pockets on your denim pieces with those in different denim washes. Alternatively, you could try adding fabric patches or scarf prints for a different look.


Switch It

Update a denim jacket by switching the sleeves for those in a different fabric. For a cool urban look, choose leather look or fleece sleeves. Unpick the existing sleeves on your jacket and replace them with the sleeves from a fleecy jumper or a cheap leather jacket. If that’s too tricky, you can get the same effect by wearing a denim vest over a sweatshirt or another long sleeved shirt.

These are all ways that you could update your existing denim pieces. Some will require a bit more work than others, but they could all be achieved in a weekend. Do you have any ideas for how to update the denim in your wardrobe?

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Love this article because I just added rhinestones to all of my denim!! Using Swarovski hot fix rhinestones and my bejeweler. Better than what you can find at a store. Love it!!

I love those denim colorblocked shirts! They are so cute.

I've found the best way to get the distressed look is to take sandpaper to your jeans. It looks a lot more authentic than actually cutting/ripping them

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