7 Ways to Take a Great Selfie ...


Finding ways to take a great selfie is a serious business if you want your social media presence to be glam and not gawky. Everyone’s at it, from Barack Obama and David Cameron (that was slightly cringeworthy and inappropriate) to Miley Cyrus (usually inappropriate). The word selfie is even in the dictionary now, which stands as a testimony to its apparent importance. Whether you are on a night out or sending something special to a significant other, finding ways to take a great selfie can make or break your photo. Here are a few tips for getting it right.

1. Avoid Overhead Lighting

Very few people can look fantastic when overhead lighting is glaring down on them. Rather than standing directly beneath the nearest bulb, try directing lighting at your best features. Clearly most of us don’t have photography studio grade facilities, so we need to improvise. Cue lamps. Try situating lamps closest to your best features. Alternatively, one of the easiest ways to take a great selfie is to use natural lighting only.

Try Not to Shoot up Your Nose
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