7 Ways to Remove Stubborn Stains ...


My garments are precious and I'm always looking for ways to remove stubborn stains from clothing so I can keep them looking fresh for as long as possible. Removing stains can be tricky but there are several basic categories of stains, which means they require different treatments. There are many hints and tips I have picked up along the way and these ways to remove stubborn stains are sure to help you enjoy your clothes for years to come.

1. Protein Pests

Stains which are protein based can be a real pain to remove but there are some simple ways to remove them. Protein stains include meats, eggs, milk, blood, perspiration, urine, faeces and grass. Don't fret if you have a garment which has had a protein hit. If for example, your little cherub has soiled themselves and the urine stain is still wet, absorb the liquid by covering it in salt and then rinse. If this doesn't do the trick, use that all-purpose miracle cleaner, white vinegar, or try hydrogen peroxide. There are many biological pre-soak products on the market so soak your garment in one of these before washing. If you're trying to remove blood stains, wash the garment in cold water. These are just a few ways to remove stubborn stains with a protein base.

Terrifying Tannin
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