8 Ways to Make Gorgeous and Stylish DIY Summer Shorts ...


Summer is the season for showing off a bit of skin. And what better way to do that than with a pair of DIY summer shorts? We have here fun ideas that will make your crafty hands itch. Some of these are sewing projects involving pretty lace and trims. Others require only painting and your trusty imagination. Hope you find your next DIY shorts idea here!

1. Tape off and Paint

Tape off and Paint

These are great DIY summer shorts. The best part: this pair is so easy to make. With the help of masking tape and paint, you can recreate this tribal style look on your own pair of jean shorts. You don't have to stick to the front for your design, too. The back pockets will also look quite nice with a fresh batch of paint.

Source: emerjadesign.com

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