11 Ways to Fake a Clean House when Time is Short ...


There are just some times in a busy girl’s life when you have to make a fast call on the ways to fake a clean house. Sure some of you are so diligent and have a pristine house worthy of a show home (big applause if you do) and never find yourself in this situation, but many of us are so caught up in other stuff (or hate housework, or are disorganized, or are procrastinators, or…) that our homes just aren’t as clean as we’d wish them to be. When that occasion suddenly arises when you need to give the impression you are the perfect homemaker (impress the new crush, show off to the boss, prevent your mom from picking fault etc…), here are some ways to fake a clean house.

1. Faking Clean Furniture

Faking Clean Furniture

One of the easiest ways to fake a clean house is to reserve one side of the sofa and chair cushions. Quickly flip the cushions over for a like-new look. When guests are gone, flip them back. For stained upholstery, drape a decorative blanket over the sofa or chair, especially around armrests and areas that get a lot of use. Get rid of pet hair by wetting the fingertips of a pair of rubber gloves and running your hand over the upholstery; the gloves will pick up the pet hair. Plump up throw pillows.

Faking a Clean Carpet or Rug
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