9 Ways to DIY and Steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian Style ...


9 Ways to DIY and Steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian Style ...
9 Ways to DIY and Steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian Style ...

Because she looks quite lovely here, we have given you a way to steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian style. From fun tutorials on making maxi dresses to fringe bag DIYs to a couple of accessories, this list of projects is sure to make it easy for you to copy Selena Gomez's Bohemian style. Enjoy!

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Kimono Maxi Dress

Kimono Maxi Dress One way to steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian style is to sew this darling maxi dress. Selena's dress is shorter and is printed. For this dress DIY, you can go for a midi length and use fabric with lovely prints.


Ruffled Maxi Dress

Ruffled Maxi Dress Here is another maxi dress idea that will give you one Boho chic item of clothing. Just like the previous tutorial, you will need knit fabric for this sewing project. I suggest going for prints for a more summer-perfect look.


Shift Dress

Shift Dress The style of this dress is much closer to what Selena was wearing. But that's not the best part here. The best part is that you can make a dress like this using an old skirt. You simply cut off the elastic waistline of the skirt, make armholes by ripping a section of the side seams, and then finishing the dress by adding ribbon straps. Clever!


Fringe Clutch

Fringe Clutch In the top photo, Selena is carrying a fringe style long strap bag. For a bit of style variation, you can sport this fringe clutch bag instead. Making this is very easy, even if you don't have experience in making bags. You don't have to construct a lining if you use suede or leather fabric.


Fringe Shoulder Bag

Fringe Shoulder Bag Is a clutch too small for your daily essentials? Go bigger using a store-bought shoulder bag and a meter or two of suede fringe. To get the ombre look, you paint the fringe embellishments before hot gluing them to the bag.


Fringe Crossbody Bag

Fringe Crossbody Bag Out of the three fringe bags here, this has the most Bohemian style. And if you construct yours much smaller, you will have a crossbody bag that is close in style to what Selena used.


Cross Charm Necklace

Cross Charm Necklace From the dresses and bags, we now move to the accessory section in this list of ways to steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian style. First up is this simple cross charm necklace. For this particular DIY, you will be playing with two cross charms and a toggle style lock that is quite chic.


Skinny Belt

Skinny Belt Another accessory that you can DIY is a skinny belt. For this project, you will simply be covering a store-bought skinny belt with yarn of different colors. This accessory will be perfect if you choose to wear a plain-colored Boho dress.


Tassel Chain Necklace

Tassel Chain Necklace Can't find cross charms in your bead supplies? If all you have is chain, you can still fashion a lovely long necklace to complete your Selena Gomez-inspired look. I am loving the tassel style of this long necklace. Cute, right?

So there you have 9 lovely DIY projects that will help you steal Selena Gomez's Bohemian fashion. Got other projects to add to the list? We want to hear your ideas, too! We are always on the lookout for fabulous Boho chic crafts, as you already know.

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I love Selena Gomez she's my idol

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