9 Uses for Turmeric outside the Kitchen ...


It’s gloriously yellow, it smells great and it has many health benefits, but there are also uses for turmeric outside of eating it. When you next go to the supermarket, I urge you to grab a big bag full and not just a little pot to languish on the shelf, only to come out when you decide to make a curry. There are so many uses for turmeric, a big bag won’t go to waste.

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Scalp Help

Don’t you just hate an outbreak of dandruff? All those tiny, dry flakes are so embarrassing but thanks to the many ways to use turmeric, there is help. It really is so easy because all you do is make a mixture of turmeric and a natural oil like coconut, olive, jojoba etc and gently massage into the scalp and allow it to absorb for fifteen minutes before shampooing and drying.


Pimp up Your Moisturizer

If you want a glowing complexion, add a little turmeric to tinted moisturizer. Carefully and patiently add tiny bits of turmeric powder until the tint is just right for your skin tone. This beauty secret is centuries old and comes from India. Beautiful Indian women even extend the golden glow to the rest of the body by adding turmeric to all-over scrubs.



Turmeric is an excellent ingredient when making soap. It’s so easy to just add a few teaspoons of turmeric. This is one of the uses for turmeric that keeps your skin healthy and adds a lovely color to your handmade soap.


Play Dough

Do you make your own play dough for the kids? One of the ways to use turmeric is as a natural and safe way to add bright gold to play dough. Again, all it takes is one or two teaspoons of turmeric powder for an eye-catching result. You can also add it to salt dough so your base dough has a gorgeous yellow color – great for Christmas crafts!


Sprain & Strain

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and if taken orally, reduces swelling from sprains and makes another natural anti-inflammatory, bromelain, work better. Just take 250 to 500 milligrams each of turmeric & bromelain 3 times a day between meals.


Sore Bits

This is another of the homeopathic uses for turmeric. Mix 2 parts turmeric & 1 part salt and add water until you can spread it. Smear paste onto a sore joint and wrap in a cloth. Leave this on the joint for 20 minutes to 1 hour each day until swelling and pain goes. (Remember, turmeric will stain your skin).


Longevity Tea

The people who live on the Japanese island of Okinawa have a very long average life span, and one of the things they all do is drink turmeric tea four times a day. To make your own turmeric tea, boil 4 cups of water, add a teaspoon of turmeric and simmer for 10 minutes, strain and flavor with honey and / or ginger.


Tie-Dye Dye

If you love a bit of tie dying, turmeric will produce a gorgeous natural marigold color – especially good on a white garment. Make the dye by mixing turmeric with hot water and allowing it to steep. At least 3 tablespoons is needed for one kettle of water. There’s a photo tutorial here if you need it delightedmomma.com


Bright Smile

Some ways to use turmeric are hard to believe, like the one about turmeric toothpaste. It’s not just me. We all know turmeric stains but more and more people are making their own natural toothpaste because it’s healthier and cheaper (with turmeric). Former Miss USA has a recipe susiecastillo.com

I am loving all these ways to use to turmeric. And this is without touching on the ways to use it for your health. Want to know more about the health benefits? Check out Lisa’s article here health.allwomenstalk.com. What are your favorite uses for turmeric?

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U can also mix it in a paste to bring blind spots out from under the skin

you can make ANTS run away in minutes. just sprinkle some turmeric where there are lots of ants and tadaaa..see its magic !!

well it's like magic stuff . it's also cured inflammation of ur stomach by drinking that mix with honey .

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