Use Nail Polish to Add Gorgeous Marble Design to Many Home DIY Projects ...


Did you know that nail polish is a great craft material? They come in many vibrant colors and are perfect for small painting details. When it comes to the marbling trend, nail polish can be particularly useful. Check out our list of home décor projects that you can do using your favorite nail polish colors. Enjoy!

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Cards Paper is perhaps one of the most accessible supply for DIY nail polish marbling. If you happen to have some thick ones, you will be able to make fantastic greeting cards for family and friends.



Wall Art

Wall Art Don't feel like sending a card? You can still go ahead and make nail polish marbled paper and then display your output as art. The great thing about this is that you can make your marbled wall art match the room where you plan to hang it. This piece in pink tones, as you can see, look great against this burgundy-like wall.



Glitter Bowls

Glitter Bowls Yes, you can also use glitter nail polish to DIY some marble projects for your home. The glitter type will be a big hit if you plan on doing this type of craft idea with your kids. For this project, you will need white bowls, nail polish, a bowl of water, and a stick. Make sure that you use bowls that you no longer plan to use for food. They will be great pen holders or desk organizers, though, so do not worry about functionality.



Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes Oh how cute! I love that they used only pink for this DIY nail polish marbling project. But if you're feeling adventurous, you can choose to use multiple hues to give your makeup brushes a makeover. Make sure that you use makeup brushes with white handles, though. Dark handles will not look as nice with a marbled effect.




Coasters How pretty are these DIY nail polish marbled coasters? I am loving the look of teal and pink together. Apart from the nail polish, this project also calls for white tiles, felt, and hot glue, and a container or bowl for doing the marbling effect. The felt will be hot glued to the bottom of your tile coasters once your colors dry. You can also use felt circles if you have some; they're sold in hardware stores.



Flower Pot

Flower Pot That is one gorgeous flower pot. If you work fast enough, you will be able to give many flower pots a nice marble treatment. I mention speed because nail polish dries quickly. To get the best marbling effect, you will want to submerge the pots into the water within a minute after stirring the nail polish on the surface.




Pumpkins Here is a DIY nail polish marbling idea that you will have a chance to do this season. For this project, get several white mini pumpkins from the store. If you can't find any in white, you can spray paint them before the marbleizing process. Once the white paint dries, you prepare warm water in a container and then add several droplets of nail polish to the surface. Swirl the colors around to produce a marble pattern. Dip your white gourds right away and then let dry.


Aren't these the prettiest marbling home DIYs? Not only will nail polish marbling give you beautiful creations, this craft idea is easy, too. In fact, I suggest doing some of these with your kids over the weekend. You'll have a blast, I'm sure.

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Hells yes! A way to use up all my old nail polish! Girl, you're a legend 😉

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I've got s big stash of old polish that I was going to trash. Happy to have some great ideas to use it up!

Love the makeup brush and flower pot ideas

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