7 Unique Ways to Re-Use a Muffin Tin ...

Who would have thought of these cool ways to re-use a muffin tin before Pinterest? I mean really, nowadays with sites like Pinterest it seems that anything can be repurposed in a unique way. With DIY blogs and such, we are learning to think more outside the box and get creative with what we have. So what are some unique ways to re-use a muffin tin that you have considered?I wonder if any of these are among your ideas?

1. Planter

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This is one of my favorite ways to re-use a muffin tin, I mean other than to make cupcakes in it! Re-using a muffin tin as a planter is a great way to grow your clippings or cuttings from a larger mother plant. It’s also a beautiful way to display small plants like succulents or perhaps give them as a gift. I love the tips blogger annmarieloves.com posted when putting together her muffin tin planter and how adorable it is too!

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