7 Unique Ways to Plant Herbs in Your Home ...

If you like to have fresh herbs at hand all the time, having your own herb garden is highly recommended. You can plant yours in pots and planters from the garden store, sure. But what if you have a crafty streak? Would you be content with store-bought herb planters? Nope, we didn't think so. Enter: the following unique herb gardens. These are fantastic DIY herb garden ideas that will quench your thirst for good crafts and fresh herbs.

1. Plant Them in Milk Cartons

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Not only will this method give you a unique DIY herb garden, this project is also a wonderful recycling idea. Basically, you will be cutting out one long side of milk cartons. You β€œfinish” the raw edges with duct tape. You can use plain or a type with fun patterns. Before you transfer the potting soil and the herbs, make sure to poke holes in the bottom of your milk cartons.

Source: boulderlocavore.com

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