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If you like to have fresh herbs at hand all the time, having your own herb garden is highly recommended. You can plant yours in pots and planters from the garden store, sure. But what if you have a crafty streak? Would you be content with store-bought herb planters? Nope, we didn't think so. Enter: the following unique herb gardens. These are fantastic DIY herb garden ideas that will quench your thirst for good crafts and fresh herbs.

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Plant Them in Milk Cartons

Plant Them in Milk Cartons Not only will this method give you a unique DIY herb garden, this project is also a wonderful recycling idea. Basically, you will be cutting out one long side of milk cartons. You “finish” the raw edges with duct tape. You can use plain or a type with fun patterns. Before you transfer the potting soil and the herbs, make sure to poke holes in the bottom of your milk cartons.

Source: boulderlocavore.com


Plant Them in Canned Food Containers

Plant Them in Canned Food Containers Here is another recycling idea for your kitchen herb garden. These pretty containers used to be cans for Spam. Clever, right? Wooden beads were painted and glued to the bottom to act as legs. Cover the body with scrapbooking paper. You can also spray paint. Don't forget to add the bookplate for your herb labels.

Source: secondchancesbysusan.blogspot.com


Use a Wine Holder

Use a Wine Holder The wall receptacle that you see here is the IKEA Vurm wine holder. It can be a great home for your favorite reds, sure, but if you're a bigger fan of herbs than grapes, you can use it for a chic herb planter. For the pots, pick glasses that will fit perfectly in the wine holder. Dip the bottom of the glasses in chalkboard paint for writing the labels.

Source: curbly.com


Use Mason Jars and Hose Clamps

Use Mason Jars and Hose Clamps Mason jars have a lot of uses, as you very well know. They are perfect for planting herbs and giving your kitchen a much-needed touch of green. If you're concerned about drainage, you can put pebbles or rocks in the bottom of the jars. There are also beads that you can use to soak up water in the soil.

Source: camillestyles.com


Hang and Layer Using Pieces of Wood

Hang and Layer Using Pieces of Wood This is a fun DIY herb garden idea for those who have limited space. This project involves making holes in wooden boards and hanging them using thick ropes.

Source: homemade-modern.com


Use a Vintage Wash Tub

Use a Vintage Wash Tub If you come across an interesting container in one of your flea market adventures, take it home, give it a good washing, and use it to start an herb garden. One great example is a wash tub. Since they are not exactly tiny in size, you can plant several herbs in your unique wash tub planter.

Source: lizmarieblog.com


Plant Them in Cute Egg Cups

Plant Them in Cute Egg Cups These are simply adorable! The DIY part here covers painting the cute faces on the egg cups. Once that's done, you simply add a bit of potting soil and plant some herbs. Since egg cups come in plain colors, you can pretty much design them in any way you want. You can paint flowers or some chic geometric patterns. You can also do a bit of decoupage or simply use the space to write the herb names in fancy lettering.

Source: francoisetmoi.com

Do you have an herb garden? What pots and planters do you use? If you made them, we'd love to hear all about your crafty ideas.

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