Video 🎞 Tutorial for Diy 🍴 Dessert 🍨 Cups 🥄 ...


Do you need a tutorial for DIY dessert cups? Looking for a stylish way to show your desserts or drinks with no clean-up? Look no further than the YouTube video by Style My Sweets! Beautiful and useful for cupcakes, jello, pudding, cool whip, special drinks, etc.

Want to know further? Watch this tutorial for DIY dessert cups.

Style My Sweets

Published on Sep 28, 2017

In review, all you need is:

Spray paint in the color of your choice.

Paper towels.


Plastic wine glasses. (These may be available at Dollar Tree, six for a $1.00!)

1. Instructions

Follow her instructions for beautiful and quality results. Never knew a plastic wine glass could look so good and classy! Simply spray paint the stem.

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