Inventive Things to do with Your Christmas Tree after the Holidays ...


If you're planning to just throw your natural "Tannenbaum" away when the holidays are over, think again, as there are plenty of useful things to do with your Christmas tree even after it has finished its job of making your house pretty for Santa. It's really such a shame to simply let it go, when there are so many ways you can recycle it to be useful around your home or yard! Just check out these 9 great things to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays and you will surely change your mind about tossing it in the trash.

1. Unique Post-Christmas Gift

If you don't have a fireplace or simply don't like to bother with it, maybe you know someone who does and would love to get warm and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by the fire. So, one of the thoughtful things to do with your Christmas tree is to cut its trunk nicely and tie a ribbon around the trunk pieces. This would make a sweet and unexpected gift for the right persons.

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