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Do you ever get the urge to buy something new but would rather find other things to do instead of shopping? I like to save money and be frugal but I also love to shop (like SO many women!), so finding alternatives that are money-saving is ideal. Sometimes you might just be bored and looking for something to do. Listed here are some fun things to do instead of shopping if you're interested in keeping your cash!

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Organize Your Closet

When I want to buy something new, particularity clothing, it's usually because my closet is unorganized and I feel like I have nothing to wear! One of the things to do instead of shopping is to organize your closet, purge what you don't need or love anymore, and see what you have left. You'll be surprised at how much you DO have and you can easily see any gaps that need filling for when you do make your next shopping trip!


Sell Any Unused Items First

Another good option instead of buying more stuff is to look at what's around your home and see what you don't use anymore. Some items you may be able to sell or donate, and after you've done that, then go for adding any new items you may have been eyeing! The concept of less is more definitely applies here.


Host a Clothing Exchange Party

Clothing exchange parties are so fun and they're a great way to recycle unworn clothes and pick up something new at the same time! Invite some friends over for wine, and have them bring clothes and accessories they don't use anymore and do a little swap! Anything that gets left at the end can be donated.


Rearrange Your Furniture

It's easy to get sick of looking at the same thing all the time. It can leave you feeling bored and restless in your own home. Try rearranging your furniture, wall hangings, and throw pillows and see how refreshing it feels! The newness will inspire you to love what you already own instead of shopping for more.


Find Different Outfit & Accessory Combinations

Don't you love when you find a great outfit combination that makes you feel and look your best? When you have some free time, shop your closet and try on different outfit combinations! Look online for inspiration and keep a photo gallery of your favorite selections- that way, you'll have lots to choose from when you're pressed for time.


Make Something!

Perhaps you're an artistic person and love to craft! Well, if you're itching to buy something new, maybe a piece of jewelry or art work to display, tap into your creative side and make something. You'll have something new and original made by you!


Fix Anything You've Been Meaning to Fix

I have tons of miscellaneous broken jewelry pieces I've been meaning to fix but haven't yet. Most are simple fixes as well. If you're in the same boat, decide to fix those things lying around your house that you've neglected and it will be like you have a brand new item!

Shopping can be really fun, but so can other alternatives that give the same feeling that comes from adding a new item to your home! Do you have any other ideas to share?

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This is great ideas

But I love shopping for new stuff

its fun shopping for something new.

I love selling clothes I don't like anymore to thrift shops! There are a lot of used teen clothing stores pippin up in my town. I especially like how you can also exchange then for store credit! You never know what you can find in a used clothing store(:

I love shopping.

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