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There are so many things I learned from Pinterest that I could probably write a billion articles about them and not cover them all, but I’m going to tell you about my seven favorites. I love Pinterest because you can literally go on every single day and every time you will learn something new! I enjoy sharing what I find, trying new recipes, craft ideas and organizing tips, and seeing what my friends find fascinating. These things I learned from Pinterest are amazing and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Mod Podge is the King of the Crafting World!

Mod Podge is the King of the Crafting World! One of the things I learned from Pinterest is that Mod Podge is freaking amazing! You can do so much with it, it is incredibly versatile and you can use it to cover, coat, glaze, decoupage, adhere and seal basically anything! I have seen pictures of cars where Mod Podge was used to decoupage paper or fabric to completely alter the look of the car! I bought my first bottle of it a year ago and I have made countless things with it. I made a ton of decorations for my friend’s Baby Shower and I made a lettered wall hanging using fabric, Mod Podge and 3D letters for my best friend’s son. You can do an incredible amount of things with it so go out and buy a bottle if you don’t have one already!


You Can Make Amazing Things out of Dollar Store Items!

You Can Make Amazing Things out of Dollar Store Items! When I’m feeling crafty but my budget is tight, I always head on over to Dollar Tree and walk around, scoping out nifty little things that I can turn into something spectacular. Pinterest has an infinite amount of craft projects such as wedding décor, wreaths, centerpieces, organizational structures and gifts that you can make using only things from the dollar store. It has become one of my favorite things to do! There is something so gratifying about taking a few cheap things and making them into something you’re proud to show off.


Bread Tabs Are Handy Little Things!

Bread Tabs Are Handy Little Things! Wine glass charms, cord organizers, flip flop repair and jewelry. Those are only a few of the ways you can use bread bag tabs for something other than their intended purpose. I consider myself to be a pretty creative person, but I would never have thought to make jewelry or wine glass charms out of my bread tabs! There’s nothing better than turning trash into treasure!


Hanging Shoe Racks Are the Way to Get Organized!

Hanging Shoe Racks Are the Way to Get Organized! Do you know what you can store in a hanging shoe rack other than shoes? In the kitchen you can use it to hold spices or snacks for your kids. In the bathroom, store your hair accessories, styling products or nail polish. Have a ton of cleaning supplies lying around? You guessed it… store them in the shoe rack! You can even plant herbs in them or sort your bills! I have three so far, but I see myself buying more in the very near future.


Magnets Are My New Best Friends!

Magnets Are My New Best Friends! After snooping around Pinterest I decided to magnetize everything in my house. Not in a crazy way… well okay, sort of in a crazy way. I now have magnetized spices, which cleared out an ENTIRE shelf in my cabinet (yay!), a magnetic makeup board which I love to pieces, a magnetic strip for my hair clips and bobby pins, a magnetic knife strip in the kitchen and a few other fun, magnet friendly, organizational concoctions. I just can’t believe that it took until I was in my late 20s for me to figure out how amazing magnets are.


Cooking in a Muffin Tin Makes Everything Adorable!

Cooking in a Muffin Tin Makes Everything Adorable! Cooking and baking in a muffin tin not only allows you to keep portion control in perspective, it also makes everything you make more appetizing and adorable! If you haven’t read my 7 Delicious Muffin Tin Recipes article, check it out! There are so many wonderfully delectable things you can make in that underused little muffin tin that sits in a cabinet in your kitchen!


Nail Polish is Not Just for Nails!

Nail Polish is Not Just for Nails! Oh my goodness, the things you can do with nail polish! Color code your keys, make beautiful jewelry, who’d have thought!? I’ve really gotten into nail polish jewelry recently. It’s incredibly easy to make absolutely beautiful little trinkets! Nail polish comes in so many glamorous colors, anything you put it on is bound to be radiant and gorgeous!

I’m so addicted to Pinterest that occasionally I’ll realize that I’m halfway through a TV show and I don’t even know what’s going on. I lie in bed at night “trying to sleep” while scrolling through the app on my phone. There are just so many fascination things to learn! What phenomenal things have you learned from Pinterest?

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Pinterest is the best!!


I like 6. It is making me hungry.

Pinterest is my happy place!! OMG I'm obsessed!!

Mod podge

My name is Jean, and I am a PINAHOLIC !!!! I LOVE IT! Too bad it can't be my job!! LOL

I too am a pinoholic! I've learned to make so many cleaners. Oh the things you can make with vinegar, ammonia, borax and peroxide! Saves me a fortune!

Pinterest is the BEST!!!

Pinterest is my guilty pleasure lol it is very addicting.

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