DIY Home Remedies ⚗️ to Cure Dry Skin 😣 ...


While the cold season is perfect for coffee-and-cuddling moments, it's quite the hazard on the skin. For those suffering from dry skin, the following are great DIY remedies or you. Most of these dry skin beauty recipes call for ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen. Compared to store-bought dry skin remedies, these are healthier and more organic, too.

1. Yogurt Honey Face Mask

Yogurt Honey Face Mask

If the cold weather is being quite unfriendly to your face, this moisturizing mask will save you. The great thing about this DIY beauty recipe is that it's easy to make and uses ingredients that you already have at home. To make a moisturizing winter mask, you will need only Greek yogurt and raw honey.


Almond Vanilla Body Oil
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