9 Surprisingly Creative Uses for Hairspray ...


Before I share with you some great uses for hairspray around the house, please note most of these tips apply to water-soluble hairspray, so be sure to check what yours is. There are more uses for hairspray than just keeping your superbly coiffed locks in place. Ready to find out?

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Drapes Delight

It’s a big chore getting the drapes cleaned. If you have them dry cleaned, it costs money and if you wash them, it takes time. The part we all hate the most is taking them down and putting them back up again. After all that expense and / or effort, I certainly want to keep my drapes clean for as long as I can. This is when uses for hairspray come in handy. Yup, you heard right, hairspray. I spray a few coats onto my drapes and let each layer dry properly before spraying on the next. The hairspray keeps my drapes free of dirt for a long time.


Long-lasting Shoe Shine

Another way to make use of hairspray is to keep the shine on your shoes. All it takes is a quick spritz of hairspray over freshly-polished shoes. This layer of spray prevents the polish from coming off.


Flies Fall

I’ve never met anyone who likes flies buzzing around their home. If you want to test ways to use hairspray then spray a fly and it’ll fall for good.


Kids’ Art

Did you know one of the uses for hairspray is to preserve your kid’s artwork while it’s hanging on your fridge or wall? It’s especially helpful for stopping chalk drawings from smudging.


Recipe Card Care

I know recipe cards are pretty old-fashioned these days but I’ve got some I just can’t bring myself to get rid of. Much-loved recipe cards get ruined when sauce starts bubbling and splattering. No probs! Spray recipe cards well with hairspray for protection and easy cleaning.


Ink Spot (and Lipstick) Be Gone

Accidents happen! Like pen stains on clothing, drapes and upholstery. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s the kids. But when it comes to lipstick on your collar you’re the one to blame. Enter the trusty can of hairspray. Spritz the ink or lipstick and blot it with kitchen paper until it is all removed.


Runaway Pantyhose

You can use nail polish on a run in your pantyhose or you can turn to hairspray. Another handy tip is to strengthen the toes of brand new pantyhose with hairspray to stop runs from starting.


Long-lasting Cut Flowers

It’s such a delight having fresh flowers in the house. I want them to last as long as possible so I turn to my list of handy uses for hairspray. A light spritz of hairspray onto the underside of petals and leaves, from about a foot away, preserves my lovely blooms for much longer.


Evergreen Xmas Wreath

Now to end on, this is one of the uses for hairspray to remember for the holidays. It’s so nice to have a fresh wreath but after a week they start losing their fresh green look. If you give it the hairspray treatment it will look bright and green for longer.

I rarely use hairspray on my hair but there’s always a can rolling around in a drawer somewhere and with these tips, that’s handy. Do you know of other ways to use hairspray?

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spray crawling insects, spiders. 'freezes' and kills them. use a vacuum cleaner to finish. no squishy mess!

All flying bugs that are in your house, especially Mosquitos.

when I was younger and wore twice as much makeup I would use hairspray to keep my makeup in place. The best time to do this is in the winter when you don't sweat

you can also use it on tshirts that have autographs, that way when you go to wash the shirt the autographs won't fade! spray the hair spray and run over it w an iron!

im a professional make up artist and i use hairspray on my own face to keep my makeup from smudging . especially since i use alot since i contour and all this funky stuff.and charlid did bring up a good point about clogging your pores but make up itself will clog your pores and honestly harms your face if used too much and not applied properly .

do NOT use hairspray on your face, it'll clog your pores and create lots of skin problems in the long run, for most people so to speak, unless you are just blessed with awesome skin and genetics!

yea I was going to say the makeup thing too..

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