Strut Your Style This Summer with These Adorable DIY Hats!


Planning to hit several beaches or pool houses this summer? Don't forget to bring a trusty sun hat with you. If you have time, you will want to check out the following DIY summer hats. Most of these sun hat craft projects are simple makeover ideas. We also have one that will require the use of a sewing machine. Hope you like them and use them to protect your beautiful skin from the sun!

1. Go Polka

Go Polka

Isn't this DIY summer hat all sorts of gorgeous? This is one of the summer craft projects here that is super easy to do. Basically, you will be needing only a straw hat, some craft paint, and a round foam puncher. Choose a craft paint color that screams summer. This mint is a great example.


Embellish with Leather and Cord
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