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33 Stone Crafts That Will Rock Your World ...

By Neecey

Rock crafts are something so easy to set yourself up to do - basically 'cos rocks, stones and pebbles are everywhere - and most times they are free. But you can also pick up supplies of specifics from craft shops, so if you're not into scouring the ground for bits of rock, you're covered. Ready to see what rock crafts there are?

1 Pebble Boot Tray

Pebble Boot TrayVia 24 Easy Ways To Get ...
Rock crafts produce some useful things. Here's one of the easiest ways to get your home winter or wet weather ready.

2 Rock Doormat

Rock DoormatVia Creative Door Mats You Can ...
Some river rocks and glue is all that is needed to transform an inexpensive plain doormat into a high-end catalog replica.

3 Paint on Stones

Paint on StonesVia PAINTING ON STONES IS A ...
Click on the link to reach a great source with general info and ideas for painting on stones.

4 Birdhouse with Wine Corks and Rocks

Birdhouse with Wine Corks and RocksVia Outdoor hanging Birdhouse with Wine ...
A fun way to use your stash of wine corks and little travel/beach combing treasures

5 Stone Feather

Stone FeatherVia Rybička - kamínek / Zboží ...
I'm not sure what you'd use this for but it sure is pretty. A light pull?

6 Photo Display

Photo DisplayVia Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame ...
Awesome - a glass block, some river stones and a treasured photo.

7 Stone Flowers

Stone FlowersVia Pebbleart, Quadri di Pietra / ...
Make your own rock art.

8 Pebble Mosaic

Pebble MosaicVia How to Make a Pebble ...
Make an interesting feature for your outdoor space.

9 Pebble Picture

Pebble PictureVia Community Post: You Wish Your ...
Collect pebbles from a vacation or honeymoon and make a memory that rocks your world.

10 Decoupage

DecoupageVia Autumn Crafts - Fall Leaf ...
Turn them into paperweights or ...

11 Painted Rock Magnets

Painted Rock MagnetsVia 41 Amazing Free People-Inspired DIYs
Turn them into fridge magnets.

12 Glitter Rocks

Glitter RocksVia Large Silver Glitter Fake Rocks ...
Super inexpensive for centerpieces! - Paint pebbles with glue and cover with glitter. Fill a vase et voila!

13 Quote Rock

Quote RockVia Hand Scripted River Stone, Black ...
Use a Sharpie and inscribe your favorite inspirational quote. Keep it on your desk, vanity or night table.

14 Funny Footsteps

Funny FootstepsVia Happy Feet People Leave Footprints ...
Get creative with ideas for outdoor decorating ideas.

15 How to Carve Rocks with a Dremel Tool

How to Carve Rocks with a Dremel ToolVia How to: DIY Carved Rock ...
Learn how to do this and you can do all sorts of rock and stone crafts.

16 Bathroom Counter

Bathroom CounterVia River Rock Craft Ideas at ...
This involves filling a shallow counter space with pretty rocks and covering them with a sheet of Plexiglas - although I've also seen where you can use a liquid polyvinyl that then sets.

17 Place Mats

Place MatsVia Placemats of stone | Life ...
Make some beautiful place mats that fit with a natural decor theme.

18 Mini Planters

Via hand engraved beach stone flower ...
You need to have learned the skill from the tutorial in #14 to do this.

19 Make Your Own Drawer Knobs

Make Your Own Drawer KnobsVia Lilliedale: tutorials
Needed - pretty rocks, screws and some ultra strong epoxy glue/resin.

20 Counter Savers

Counter SaversVia DIY Project – 8 ways ...
All you need is some old CDs, pebbles and glue.

21 Mini Shelves/candle Holders

Mini Shelves/candle HoldersVia Women's Apparel | Tops and ...
Attractive aren't they?

22 Stone Bowl by Linn Tale Haugen

Stone Bowl by Linn Tale HaugenVia Lightness of Stone by Linn ...
This isn't a DIY tutorial but I think you're clever enough to work it out. (You could always use a balloon or ball as a template.

23 How to Make a Stone Birdhouse

How to Make a Stone BirdhouseVia How To Make A Stone ...
Attract some feathered friends to your garden.

24 Oil Burning Rock Lamps

Oil Burning Rock LampsVia DIY Burning Rock Oil Candle ...
I love these. So elegant.

25 Rustic Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

Rustic Mason Jar Wall LanternsVia Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall ...
You just knew that mason jars would make an appearance in rock crafts somewhere, didn't you?

26 Pet Rock Tic-Tac-Toe!

Pet Rock Tic-Tac-Toe!Via Pet Rock Tic-Tac-Toe -
Paint and play.

27 Rock Hooks

Rock HooksVia Creative Towel Bars & Hooks ...
Lots of uses all round the house.

28 How to Make a Tabletop Fire Bowl

How to Make a Tabletop Fire BowlVia How to Make a Rock ...
These give more ambiance than candles.

29 Photo Frame

Photo FrameVia
Use for picture frames, mirrors, vases ...

30 How to Drill Holes in Stones

How to Drill Holes in StonesVia 50 Outdoor Room Ideas
A handy pebble drilling tutorial and when you know how, you can ...

31 Cascading River Rock Necklace

Cascading River Rock NecklaceVia Live In Art: How To ...
Make your own unique jewelry.

32 Photo Holders

Photo HoldersVia 10 Ways to Transform Ordinary ...
If you're very organized you could take pictures of where you collect the rocks from.

33 Line a Walkway

Line a WalkwayVia Glow-in-the-Dark Fun!
Paint rocks with glow in the dark paint and line the path to your door.

Time to tell me now - which of these crafty ideas rocks your world?

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