9 Special Uses for Beer You Should Know about ...


If beer is one of your favorite beverages, I must tell you that there are quite a few special and even surprising uses for beer that you could try around your house. If you notice that you still have one bottle of beer left after that fabulous party you threw last night, don’t drink it because you can actually use it in a large variety of ways. So, here are a few special uses for beer that will make you buy an extra 6-pack the next time you do your groceries:

1. Polish Your Jewelry

In my opinion, of the most spectacular and most helpful uses for beer is the fact that it can polish your jewelry, making it sparkle again. Just use a light ale and a clean towel and rub it gently over that beautiful piece of jewelry you want to polish. Beer’s natural acids will help you bring back the shine to your gold jewelry. You can also use it to clean wooden furniture or you can even try this on tarnished copper pots as well.

It Can Boost Your Hair’s Shine
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