11 Really Creative Uses for Hair Conditioner ...

There’s no need to leave that bottle on the shelf between showers because there are some great uses for hair conditioner other than looking after your precious locks. It’s such a bonus when everyday products have many more uses than the primary function they were designed for. I am loving that there are so many uses for hair conditioner!

1. Washing Your Silk Clothing and Delicates

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Cleaning your silk clothing is always a task, but you can save yourself from a fat dry cleaning bill just by making use of hair conditioner. A tablespoon of any conditioner in a sink filled with warm water will create a solution that will help clean your silk clothing perfectly. Just let your garments stay in the solution for a few minutes. Then rinse it and hang it out to dry. You can try the same with lingerie and other delicates for equally impressive results. This is definitely one of the best uses for hair conditioner.

2. Use as a Fabric Softener

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If you're on a budget or just want to save some money, let your hair conditioner help with the laundry. Fabric softener and conditioner are close cousins, so using conditioner in place of a fabric softener seems like a sane option. Not only is a conditioner much thicker compared to regular commercial softeners, it is a lot cheaper and smells better as well.

3. Soften Your Make Brushes

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Using hair conditioner can be one of the very best ways to fluff up your paint or makeup brushes. Wash your brushes as you always do, but don't forget to rub in conditioner to the bristles. Rinse it out properly to have a softer brush.

4. Protect Leather Products

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Say goodbye to those expensive products that you use to add sheen to leather products - your conditioner can do it all. Use hair conditioner on your leather shoes, jackets, gloves, and other products to add a layer of water-resistant protection that saves your precious items from water damage, snow, and salt. Be careful about the amount of conditioner you use on shoes, as too much of it will stain. Nevertheless, it is definitely one of more useful and creative ways to use hair conditioner.

5. Substitute for Shaving Cream

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Need to shave and run out of shaving cream? Use your hair conditioner – it's soft, it's effective, and it smells good.

6. Remove Makeup

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If you're tired of trying expensive makeup removing lotions and stuff, give your conditioner a shot and it won't disappoint you at all. Conditioner can dissolve makeup in a beautiful manner and softens your skin without being greasy. Be sure to use a cotton ball dipped in conditioner to get rid of today's makeup before going to bed. Just make sure you keeps you eyes tightly closed.

7. Deal with Frizzy Hair

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One of the more obvious uses for hair conditioner is to use it on your frizzy hair but not to rinse! Just rub some of it between your palms and apply on your hair to tame static-y hair.

8. Remove a Stuck Ring

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Use a glob of hair conditioner every time you find it a little difficult to get a tight ring off your finger.

9. Silence Those Squeaky DoorS

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You don't need to live with that annoying sound you hear every time you open your kitchen cabinets – dip a soft dry towel in a teaspoon of hair conditioner and apply it to the hinges. This will make your cabinets smooth and keep them from 'whining' every time you open them.

10. Use as Cuticle Cream

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Turning it into cuticle cream is one of many creative ways of using hair conditioner. Just smear some of it over unruly cuticles before you push them back.

11. Pain-Free Band Aid Remover

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If you don’t prescribe to the “hold your breath and pull it off quickly” method of band aid removal, you can rub hair conditioner into the skin around the band aid edges to make it easier to lift off.

Will you ever see that bottle of conditioner the same way again? What other ways to use hair conditioner do you know?

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