11 Really Creative Uses for Hair Conditioner ...


There’s no need to leave that bottle on the shelf between showers because there are some great uses for hair conditioner other than looking after your precious locks. It’s such a bonus when everyday products have many more uses than the primary function they were designed for. I am loving that there are so many uses for hair conditioner!

1. Washing Your Silk Clothing and Delicates

Cleaning your silk clothing is always a task, but you can save yourself from a fat dry cleaning bill just by making use of hair conditioner. A tablespoon of any conditioner in a sink filled with warm water will create a solution that will help clean your silk clothing perfectly. Just let your garments stay in the solution for a few minutes. Then rinse it and hang it out to dry. You can try the same with lingerie and other delicates for equally impressive results. This is definitely one of the best uses for hair conditioner.

Use as a Fabric Softener
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