Pumpkin Spice Recipes That Will Not Add Inches to Your Waist ...


Pumpkin spice season has started. If you love the flavor but are not too keen on adding extra sugar to your diet, we suggest the following DIY pumpkin spice recipes. These will give you products that you don't ingest. Basically, they're great for expressing your love for all things fall, without the calorie worries.

1. Lotion


Won't a pumpkin spice lotion be just fantastic? I bet you'll be spreading cold and cozy season joy around you when you slather on some before you head out. For this pumpkin spice recipe, you will need a long list of ingredients. Don't worry, if you like to concoct your own beauty products, you will have a lot of uses for the materials you end up buying.

Source: soapdelinews.com

Face Mask
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