Pro Tips ✅ on Making Your Work Space 📚 Comfortable 😌 ...


Whether you are working from home, or have an uncomfortable desk job, this article will help you make your workspace more comfortable. The key is to match comfort with productivity. For example - lying in bed with a laptop on your knee is too far in favor of comfort, whereas sitting on a stool in a cramped cubical is too far in the opposite direction. Here are my favourite tips on how to make your workspace comfortable.

1. Carve out a Working Space at Home

Working on a laptop placed on the kitchen table or even your bed can be an attractive scenario. However, when you work from home, it is important to separate your home life from your work life by creating boundaries that are both physical and psychological. The best way to create a productive and motivating work area is to dedicate a place of your own, with your own desk and storage areas. Ideally, it will be a separate room in the house that you can convert into a workshop, office or mini-studio. If you do not have rooms to spare then opt for a space that will be specifically assigned to you and your job.

Remove the Clutter
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