8 Perfect Projects for Summer Dresses ...


8 Perfect Projects for Summer Dresses ...
8 Perfect Projects for Summer Dresses ...

Summer dresses are the perfect project for the hot months. You can quickly run up a gorgeous new dress and pop it on. There are so many different styles that you're sure to find a flattering dress for you. And the best thing is that you can pick your own fabric, so you'll have a totally unique dress! Here are some beautiful summer dresses for you to make …

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Dragon Dress

Dragon Dress Of all the summer dresses that I've seen, I really adore this one. Even if you can't find a fabric as fabulous as the one shown, the style would look great in all kinds of patterned fabric. Don't be intimidated by the thought of drawing up your own pattern; it's not as complicated as you might think.


Butterflies Dress

Butterflies Dress Like the Dragon Dress, you could make this using any patterned fabric. It's a lovely casual summer dress that will keep you cool however hot the weather. The dress would also look good in a plain blocked color, especially a bright tone. So why not run yourself up a couple?


The Partly Sunny Frock

The Partly Sunny Frock This is a great dress if you're into retro styling or a whimsical look. With a look reminiscent of the 1960s, it's like something that might have been worn in Mad Men. The dress is not suitable for beginners, but if you've some experience you could easily cope with the sewing techniques required.


Silk Mini Dress

Silk Mini Dress Natural fabrics like silk are perfect for wearing when it's hot. This lovely lightweight dress can be made longer if you prefer. When the weather starts to cool, it would also look great worn over jeans, so you can keep wearing your beautiful dress into the fall season.


Carrie Dress

Carrie Dress This is a project for the more experienced sewer, but I've included it to show what can be achieved by refashioning garments. A thrift store skirt discovers a new life as a slip dress inspired by Carrie from Sex and the City. The great thing about using thrift store buys is that you can experiment without worrying that you have wasted lots of money.



T-ShirtDress Sometimes when it's hot you just want a simple dress that you can throw on. This t-shirt dress is so easy that even complete beginners could have a go. Just one point: if you decide to make the dress from jersey cotton, remember to use a ball point needle rather than a regular one.


Drawstring Dress

Drawstring Dress A halterneck top is very flattering if you have toned arms and shoulders. This simple dress would look lovely in linen or cotton. If you prefer, you can always omit the pockets. They aren't difficult to make though, and give you the chance to embellish your dress with contrast fabric.


Scarf Dress

Scarf Dress Here's another really simple dress for beginners. As the name suggests, it's made from a couple of scarves, so it couldn't be easier. Obviously, you'll need large scarves, or it'll be a very small dress indeed! The good thing about using scarves for the fabric is that you can get some fabulous patterns.

There are so many gorgeous dress patterns that it was tough to pick out just a few. I'm inspired to get out the sewing machine and try some myself! I love wearing unique clothing, and that's pretty much guaranteed when you make your own clothes. Do you love sewing your own clothes, or has every sewing project that you've attempted gone disastrously wrong?

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Sunny Frack and Scarf.

I LOVE the dragon print one. Gorgeous style and fabric. Just wish I was talented with a sewing machine!

The shirt dress needs to stay a shirt

What would I search on the Internet for the frock dress?

Holly frosk

I want to try the scarf one.

Where are the links to these projects?

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